GDC Equipment Guidelines and Regulations

All clients should have a copy of the G.D.C. handbook,  A Genetic Data Center Manual  for the laboratory. It is crucial that clients read the guidelines and be familiar with laboratory regulations and policies before starting their projects in the G.D.C.

Client Information Sheet

Filling in a client information sheet helps us understand your project better and be able to give you a better estimation on the cost of the project. Please return a copy to G.D.C. via e-mail attachment or standard mail.

Cost Summary Sheet

Clients are required to submit a cost summary sheet at the end of each month to report the amount of consumables used and usage on machines/instruments in the G.D.C. Users of the G.D.C. services will then be billed monthly.

GDC in Branchlines
The GDC was featured in the Faculty of Forestry’s publication Branchlines in January 2013. Read the article here.



DNADiffer is a utility that identifies different haplotypes within a series of aligned sequences. Requires Windows Vista or higher. Issues can be emailed to Kelvin J. Ritland at Last updated June 10, 2013.

Download (Ver. 1.3)